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Welcome to Shoppy Bot! Here you'll find an overview of the Shoppy Bot reports, general usage guides, advanced tips, and other resources to help you master Shoppy Bot and all its features.

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Getting Started

Users must connect a valid Shopify store before they can begin running reports. After a Shopify store has been connected, Shoppy Bot will begin indexing certain historical Shopify data in a manner that allows us to efficiently run these reports. Any reports run may not be accurate until this indexing process is complete. Indexing can take anywhere from just a couple minutes to hours, depending on the transaction volume of the Shopify store. As per the Shopify Partner Policy, we remove any data we've indexed from our system if you uninstall Shoppy Bot from Shopify.

While the indexing is happening, an in-app tutorial is available to guide new users through running their first reports.

Report Documentation

Shoppy Bot comes with over 30 unique and free reports.

Visit the Reports page for a full list of Shoppy Bot reports.

Customizing Shoppy Bot

While the out-of-the-box reports offer a wide range of useful analytics, Shoppy Bot was built with customization and extendability in mind. Whether you need a specific sales report based on an unusual product attribute, or you want to combine Shopify data with another data source, we can generally help you automate the reports you need and serve them to you through any of the Shoppy Bot interfaces, including the web interface and Slack.

Head over to the Customization page for more information on adding custom reports.

Further Help

Still have questions? Let us know what you need. Visit our Support page for contact information.